Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With n'dulce Dulce de Leche


N'Dulge with n'dulce

On toasts, crepes, cakes, pies, pastries, milk shakes, coffee, fruits like apples or strawberries.
It's so decadent and delicious you may find yourself
eating it all, just by itself!

Must-Try Pairings Featuring n’dulce

Cordoba Foods


Spread n’dulce over your crepes to make it taste more terrific and heavenly!
Cordoba Foods

Fresh Fruits

n’dulce makes a great complementary dip for fruits of all kinds—including your favorites.
Cordoba Foods

Ice Cream

You can serve your favorite ice cream topped with n’dulce and turn it into a decadent sundae when the craving strikes.
Cordoba Foods

Pastries and Cakes

n’dulce can serve as an added layer, a pastry filling, or a cake topping that adds a distinct caramel flavor to any baked goodies.
Cordoba Foods

Shakes or Coffee

A teaspoon of n’dulce can add an incredible, saccharine taste to your favorite beverages!
Cordoba Foods


Blend n’dulce with butter or margarine and top it on your breakfast toast to make a perfect authentic Argentinean treat!